150 Media Stream

Chicago's largest LED wall, the 150 Media Stream is an international platform for emerging and established new media artists. In preparation for the installation’s upcoming public launch in spring 2017, I partnered with Riverside Investment and Development to refine and articulate the project’s mission, vision and underlying narrative. 

The true challenge of this project lay in crafting a narrative that bridged the Media Stream's widely varying audiences—the building’s private and corporate residents; wide-ranging Chicago arts, culture and education partners; and local and global new media artists—in a way that felt universal, true, compelling and relevant. 

The concept video featured below was developed as a pre-launch teaser to establish tone, mood and atmosphere around the project and to build anticipation for the scheduled launch. 

To achieve these objectives, I prioritized images (currently FPO) to establish a cross-audience visual narrative, incorporating minimal text to guide viewers through this abstract landscape. 

(Vimeo Password: 150Media)