Hi! I'm Leslie. 

An academic transplant turned professional writer and communications creative, I’ve partnered with organizations from community nonprofits and startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them clearly and powerfully connect to their audiences.

In doing this work, I learned three true things—for every client, every project, every time:

  • Finding the right story is critical
  • Great writing is far from obsolete
  • Truly transformative ideas rarely come from surface-level understanding

But as accelerated timelines and lightening-fast turnarounds become the rule, I’ve often seen connection to clients, deep project understanding and commitment to tailored ideas and approaches—the exact places where new ideas, compelling writing and singular stories begin—go the way of cooking at home. It’s always easier to reach for something quick. Something reliable. Something that will work in a pinch (and trust me—it’s always a pinch).

Audiences recognize this. As the amount of information we consume daily continues to increase, we’re all becoming strategy-savvy. It makes sense: people are wired to see patterns. And when audiences see strategy, they miss your message.

I think we can do better than that.

As a narrative strategist and writer,  I collaborate with clients and projects at every level—from personal marketing, presentations and speech coaching to branding, creative concepting and message development—to surface and refine their most fundamental differentiation strategy: their core story.

It's something inimitable. Absolutely unique. And above all, honest.

Audiences recognize that, too.